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Title: The Mouse That Roared
Author: Dwayne Murray, Sr.
Rating: Must Read!
Publisher: Madbo Enterprises
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Reviewed by: Heather Froeschl | View Bio

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  • What causes the meek to make a stand? At what point does a person who is pushed to the ground time and time again, refuse to stay down? When does the mouse roar like a lion? In Dwayne Murray Sr.’s novel “The Mouse That Roared,” that time has come.

    Sandra Lyte defies her prestigious, religious father’s wishes. In doing so she embarks on a journey that takes her far from Virginia to New York City, and farther from herself, as she becomes a person struggling to survive. The pattern is set then, to stop standing up to the men in her life, and dealing with what happens.

    Only when that becomes something her soul can no longer bear does she begin to understand exactly what she must do, no matter what. The fact that what she must do involves a large drug organization, a mafia leader, the largest and most highly esteemed police force in the nation, as well as her closest friends, only gives her greater strength to roar out loud. Can one woman’s revenge be the fire that burns New York City to the ground?

    This fast paced book is full of drama, intrigue, suspense and heart wrenching crime. The author’s attention to detail in the plot leaves it all too realistic and believable. His treatment of his characters has readers cheering for Sandra while abhorring her foes and crying for her friends. The storyline is an intense ride that is very well written. In execution there were a number of times when I felt a proofreader could have cleaned up the book a bit, but this minor detail in no way detracted from the compelling call to turn the pages.

    I very much enjoyed “The Mouse That Roared” and highly recommend it. I hope to hear more of Dwayne Murray, Sr. in the future.

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