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Title: Fablehaven
Author: Brandon Mull
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Rating: Must Read!
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
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Reviewed by: Heather Froeschl | View Bio

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  • Where have all the fairies gone? To Fablehaven of course! A preserve for magical creatures awaits your visit in Brandon Mull’s fantastical, wonderful book, “Fablehaven.” Look out J.K. Rowling; the fantasy genre has an outstanding new author to embrace!

    “None who enter will leave unchanged” as readers take a look into Fablehaven. 13-year-old Kendra and her 11-year–old brother Seth think they are in for a boring two weeks at their grandparent’s home in Connecticut. Their parents are off on a cruise and the huge house comes with a lot of rules. Grandpa offers no good reason to stay out of the woods but he does promise terrible punishment – confinement to the attic playroom - if the children disobey. Naturally this leads Seth to the forest edge and beyond. What waits for him is beyond his comprehension. Kendra meanwhile, takes time to unravel a puzzle Grandpa has given her, involving three keys that go to hidden keyholes in the playroom. This unlocks more than her imagination can allow and leads her to “Drink the milk.” The mystery lies in what happens after the milk is consumed…wondrous sights and sounds that previously appeared as nothing more than butterflies.

    Adventure and excitement abound as the siblings delve ever deeper into the secrets of Fablehaven. Grandpa has hidden much from them until they have proven that they are the right sort of people for the experience. With wonder around every corner, and under every leaf, this book will entrance readers. “Trespassers will be turned to stone,” but the magic that is revealed for those who are welcomed inside is a treasure indeed. Welcome readers, to a trip you will never forget.

    The plot of “Fablehaven” is fast paced, precise and perfect. It is a truly captivating tale. The characters instantly turn into children the readers know, if not, in fact, themselves. Seeing yourself in the pages of a book as magical as this one is a precious gift. The descriptive writing will put you deep into a cave, escaping an ogress, and just as easily into a beautiful garden rich with flowers and fairies. A return visit to “Fablehaven” will be on the wish list of every reader. This is a terrific book and I see great things in store for Brandon Mull.

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