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Current Events - Politics - Fiction
Title: On a Hill They Call Capital
Author: Matt Carson
Rating: Excellent!
Publisher: Freestate Press
Web Page:
Reviewed by: Paul Lappen

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  • This novel is about a bunch of regular guys from Virginia, with nicknames like Smiley, Cat, Spank, DT and Boomer, who donít just complain about taxes and government tyranny, they decide to do something about it.

    After a lot of diligent planning and preparation, the group, led by Cat, is able to enter the IRS Building in Washington, DC, and spends a few minutes throwing chairs, files and computers out the windows. They quickly leave before the police, distracted by a stripperís parade across town, show up. The entire news media is then blanketed by faxes and emails from "The Grandsons of Liberty." The revolution will be totally non-violent, they say, but they are saying Enough to excessive taxation and trampling on peopleís rights. The group is surprised by the amount of sympathy they receive in the news media.

    The group then spreads out along the East Coast, and kidnaps eight members of the House of Representatives, and brings them back to Virginia. There is no violence, except for a couple of taserings. The captives are well fed, but they are given homework to do concerning what America is all about.

    A day or two later, after more planning and preparation, Washington, DC suddenly finds itself hosting a huge parade. Starting at various points in the city, groups ranging from the Boy Scouts to 4-H to VFW to NORML converge on the Capitol, where the eight Representatives are released unharmed and where Cat calls for Citizenís Arrests on all members of Congress.

    This is a very short novel, and even the author admits that it is hardly a polished work, but in this political climate it packs a wallop, and is very much recommended.

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