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Science Fiction
Title: Blind Vision
Author: Marguerite Krause
Rating: Excellent!
Publisher: Speculation
Reviewed by: Harriet Klausner

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  • On a world much like England during the Middle Ages, the Duchy of Montrouge is in a severe state of decline even though the king has blessed the new duke, Bernard d'Albin. The king's seer had a vision of the duchy house in flames, Bernard dead, and another person declared the Duke. The vision spread across the land taking away the hope of the people but Bernard is determined to rule his birthright. In desperation, the duke asks that Phillipe become the Ducal Seer and save Montrouge from war or annexation.

    Phillipe has no choice but to accept the position even though he knows that keeping Bernard in power will be one of the most difficult things he can attempt to do. To change the visions of the future he must befriend the Lady Zuleika d'Albin, Bernard's sister. The blemish on her must change from Goddess cursed to Goddess blessed. Since the ducal title is passed through the female line Zuli must marry and have heirs. By the time Zuli is convinced she has a happy future ahead of her if she wants it, she and Phillipe fall in love with one another. This unwanted emotion can never come to fruition for dynastic and other reasons.

    Marguerite Krause is a shining new talent on the story telling horizon by creating a world so real and life like that the audience will actually believe it exists. The characters are three dimensional and very likable, not because of their virtues but because of their weaknesses. BLIND VISION is the kind of tale most of us like to read but rarely have the opportunity to do so because very few authors have the ability to craft such an amazing tale

    Harriet Klausner

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