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Hard Science
Title: The Science of Disorder: Understanding the Complexity, Uncertainty, and Pollution in Our World.
Author: Jack Hokikian
Rating: Excellent!
Publisher: Los Feliz Publishing
Reviewed by: Jennifer Martinsen

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  • I think the true test of a technical book written for a wide audience is to give it to a reviewer with little exposure to the subject matter. I am such a candidate. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in a Social Science field. My education was not grounded in the hard sciences. The best I could remember about the Laws of Thermodynamics was something about energy not being created or destroyed.

    I must admit I began The Science of Disorder with some apprehension. I was afraid that I would not be able to fully comprehend the subject matter and, more importantly, that I would not be able to give Jack Hokikian a fair review. After reading the first two chapters, my fears were put to rest. It is apparent that Hokikian is a teacher. He blended the technical facts of the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics and examples using everyday items or concepts seamlessly.

    After Hokikian explains the First and Second Laws, he spends the remainder of the book applying them. He discusses how ignoring them has a negative effect on our country and on specific areas of society, like the educational system and the agricultural system. This portion of the book was what sold me. I found the application of the Laws of Nature on society fascinating. It was eye opening and made them really come to life.

    Since I am not a student of physics, it is difficult for me to know if someone studying physics would find this book useful. I would harbor a guess that they would. The way in which Hokikian applies the Laws of Nature to our world and everyday lives is incredibly interesting. I can speak emphatically that it is an interesting and comprehendible book for someone who is unfamiliar with the concepts of the thermodynamics. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone looking to understand the laws and how they apply in a real world sense to our everyday lives.

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