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Title: The Miracles of Santo Fico
Author: D.L. Smith

Publisher: Warner Books
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  • Witty Humor and European Flare Make New Novel a Hit

    THE MIRACLES OF SANTO FICO, a debut novel by D.L. Smith, was released by Warner Books on January 8, 2003, (Hardcover/$22.95) and is garnering acclaim from book reviewers and booksellers nationwide. It is also being embraced abroad, as foreign rights to the book have already been sold to Little Brown UK and in Germany, Holland, Japan, Poland, Bulgaria, Portugal and Spain.

    After 18 years of living in Chicago, Leo Pizzola returns to his tiny, forgotten hometown of Santo Fico on the Tuscany Coast in Italy; his father has recently died and Leo has returned to claim his estate. But when he arrives, he finds that Santo Fico seems to have fallen prey to a collective loss of hope and seems mired in disappointment. Marta Fortino, his first and only true love who runs the one hotel in Santo Fico, refuses to talk to him, and even the beloved village priest, Father Elio, seems to have lost his way. Leo would like to leave again, but he can’t find anyone to buy the family farm. In the meantime he turns to reenacting a favorite childhood diversion: persuading British and Americans tourists who accidentally wander into Santo Fico to pay to hear his elaborate story of the miracle and mystery of the town’s fabled fresco and fig tree. They are entranced by his story, and he eventually steers them to Marta’s hotel for a sumptuous meal.

    Together with Topo Pasolini, his boyhood friend and fellow partner in mischief, they orchestrate a series of man-made miracles—each more botched than the last—in an attempt to restore faith, hope and prosperity to the village. But it is only after these lovable schemers’ misguided attempts fall short that the true miracles begin….

    A delightfully told story brimming with wonderful characters, THE MIRACLES OF SANTO FICO heralds the arrival of a major new talent, D.L. Smith.

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