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True Crime - Mystery
Title: Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O.J. Simpson Got Away With Murder
Author: Vincent Bugliosi
Rating: Excellent!
Publisher: Dell Publishing
Reviewed by: Liz Dederich

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  • I know what you are thinking...why do we need a review of yet another O.J. book? Well, this is the ONLY book about the case that I will recommend. Mr. Bugliosi lays bare how the prosecution botched the case of the century and how the case could have easily been won. Bugliosi puts forth his anger and contempt towards all the players in the case, from Judge Ito to Johnnie Cochran. He dissects each area of the case and gives his ideas of how things should have gone.

    This is a powerful piece to read in that you can almost feel Bugliosi's anger jump off the pages. He is careful to put out all pieces of evidence that should have been introduced along with what was introduced. He questions the antics of both the prosecution and the defense. I have long been a fan of Bugliosi's work since reading "Helter Skelter" years ago. This is a man who knows the law and knows what needs to be done to get a murderer off the streets. It's too bad he wasn't on the case against O.J. A must read!

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